GTN Outdoors

   Crappie Fishing Adventures

What We Provide

What You Need to Bring

  • Life jackets and safety equipment
  • All the necessary fishing equipment (poles, tackle, boat etc) unless you have specific equipment you have to use.  Bring it with you.
  • Launch fees
  • A cooler with ice for drinks and food
  • Bottled water
  • All live bait
  • Filleting equipment and 1 gallon plastic baggies if you choose to have us fillet your catch.  Please let me know in advance.
  • Warm clothes!  It will always seem colder on the water than on land.  We recommend layers because you can remove them as the day warms. 
  • Rain gear even if it isn't raining in the morning
  • WE WILL NOT refund your money if you get cold or wet and need to leave.  Please be prepared!
  • Food or snacks
  • Drinks if you want something besides water
  • A cooler to take your catch home
  • Sun screen and bug spray
  • Sunglasses
  •  Your fishing license!  You will have to show it to us before you fish.  You can get them at Wal-mart, Meijer, at many bait shops or online at

More Information

  •  Our guide license does not allow me to exceed the approved weight capacity of our boats.  Damon's boat is rated for 660lbs for all occupants.  I am 200lbs so that leaves 460lbs for all customers.  Please make note of this before you book a trip.

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